Today is a sad day in my life. My girl, Jimma, has been gone from my arms for eleven months today. The hurt and anguish in my heart is in no wise any less hurtful than that devastating day September 19, 2009. My little seven year old became prey of the Swine Flu. It's cold black fingers, raped her body of it's soul/spirit. I hate that enemy.
      I question the duration of time that will have to come and go until I can see her again. The eternity of each separated moment blatantly tortures me with an echoing laugh of victory but, I know true victory is mine because of my Lord Jesus Christ. I have hope that one passing moment when time envelopes itself for me, will bring a grand reunion of sorts. The little lady that was escorted over the portal of mortality to immortality, will stand before me with all of Heaven's grandeur. I can imagine her with her long blonde curls and ocean blue eyes, standing with chin uplifted and a smile that would melt the coldest, blackest heart, anticipating me picking her up and exclaiming "Look at my big girl, Oh how pretty." My, what a time that will be...............I can scarcely wait. Until the reunion of Jimma and myself, I will go on......but, with the heaviness that isn't equalled by mass weights that a strongman lifts. I miss you Jimma. I miss you so much.
     I recall Jimma cutting her teeth. She had a hard time with teethers and things of the sort so, I (my fingers) became her teething ring. She would be so relieved when I would let her clamp down on my finger and I'd say, "Oh Jimma, you're biting my finger too hard," to which she would clamp down harder with such a smile that she knew it was a game that was just between her and her daddy. I'd be so elated to do it over again. I love my angel. I love you, daddy's girl. I love you dearly.