Today, I sat out in my front yard, basking in the coolness of the brisk Fall weather. I became so induced into the freshness of the air that, I became overrun with all sorts of emotions. The timely sense of Revival that seems to frequent my spirit every Autumn came parading into my mind as if it were a caravan of blessings yet to come. Quickly I felt a sense of things coming to maturity and yielding themselves over to nature and the timely plan of death. At the very thought of lively trees and plants coming to an end caused a rush of extreme helplessness and sorrow, that brought about a shedding of tears as the memory of my precious little girl and her having to be as the plants and trees, and succumb to the perils of Autumn. My heart felt as if it were going to explode within my chest cavity. My eyes couldn't focus for the tears that flowed oh so fluid. The heartache and grief that I sometimes feel has been lightened, only clutch my mind with rancid, groping fingers of reality of Jimma being gone. How can it be?, I question aloud. I miss my baby oh so much. My endeavors of carrying on a life of normalcy are stifled by the desire of wanting this life to hurry it's course. My clouded mind that tries so desperately to catch a quick glimpse of my Jimma, my baby girl, is disfigured by the vastness of the plane of eternity. The Apostle Paul so clearly stated, "We see through a glass darkly," when addressing mortality and immortality. I'm thankful for Autumn but, like Summer, Spring or Winter, they all hold memories that will cause a landslide of emotions as I associate something from each one, that brings to mind, the reality of my absent precious baby girl. Daddy's girl that taught me pure love, the one that causes a yearning in my heart to embrace the moment, that I too shall give in to the Autumn of my life that will yield a harvest of reunions as of never before. Jimma, I will forever love you and hold you dear in my heart. I love you Daddy's girl. Now and forever.