Posted by Kathryn Hall Cape on Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Sweet Jimma, I just have the talk to you. I've been sharing what happened with some new friends....on a site called Inspire. I was really surprized at the response I got when I started talking about you! But maybe I shouldn't have been, huh? ....anybody who ever met you fell in love with you.......that's not gonna end just because you're not here with me anymore, is it? It's about 3:30 in the morning....we saw this time a lot together, didn't we? Sometimes you couldn't sleep....we'd lay just look into each other's eyes. O how I miss having you beside me!! We've been having such a hard time without you seems my motivation is waning, it's getting so much harder to just get out of bed and do the ordinary things......the pain I feel is getting to me, Jimma....and Daddy....o how he do I help him?....can you visit us again? little little ray of reason to smile......I need help writing the rest of that day .. the day I told you goodbye....the day I asked Jesus to please take you Home...because I could feel you...and I knew you couldn't take that aweful machine pounding you any longer...but, still... You were sooo strong!!! much stronger than I could ever be.. You held on, baby, when your little body had nothing to offer you... then.. I felt you leave your beautiful...tired body----I thought surely I should breathing became labored..I wanted to run and run and legs wouldn't cooperate, then the nurse took me by the arm and led me to that aweful room...and I'm still here.....wanting to be where you are........wondering what it is I'm supposed to do now....Surely there is something meant for my life cannot just remain this empty abiss...Precious Angel Mine.....Mommy misses you sooooooo