About Jimma....A WHOLE YEAR?

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 o my sweet baby girl....how I miss you....I miss bathing...I miss your sweet-smelling skin....I miss the look of love in your eyes.....I miss your open-mouthed kisses.....I miss the weight of you pressing on my arms.......I miss caring for you.......I miss you...I miss you....I miss you ... imissyou



Dearest Angel Mine....Has it been a whole year???   A YEAR since I last held you in my arms?  Where has the time gone...please tell me. It's as though time is flying by and standing still all at once!!   I'm trying hard to be happy for you, sweet baby girl.  But Mommy has found it very hard to move on.  That's what people seem to expect me to do.....just move on....and be happy for you.  Oooo..that I were that unselfish!!!!  That I could take joy in the knowledge that you're no longer suffering in that little, tired body of yours!!  But all I can seem to do is cry...and yearn to feel your hand long fingers wrap themselves around my finger or the feel of your hand pressed against my face...or smell your stinky morning breath....or hear your sweet voice call out to me when I'm taking too long to get to you.

I miss bathing you ... carrying you to your bed .. all wrapped up in your giant towel.  You were always so patient with me.  I'd lay you down and pat you dry...first your face and head...then your chest and back...next I'd take your tiny feet in my hands and dry between you toes...working up your legs..  O, baby, you would get so tickled....I'd pat your bottom good an dry ..and then..Lotion time!!. ...  We always made sure your Johnson's got rubbed in real good!....working out the kinks in your tightened muscles as we went along...  By the time we were ready to put your clothes on, you'd smell sooo sweet and fresh!!!  And I can still feel the tightening of your neck as I stole sweet neck-kisses!  Your laughter fills my memories as I allow myself to go back in time and enjoy bathtime once again......It always took a long time, our bath routine....  That was our time... Our time to laugh .. sing .. talk .. learn .. with lots and lots of hugs and kisses along the way!!!!   By the time we were done, you were always soo tired.  It was good to sit and rock...and cuddle a while...or quietly read a book.

Do you remember your Winnie-the-Pooh counting book?  That was a favorite of yours from the time you were probably only six months old.  They thought you couldn't see....remember?   But we knew better!!....didn't we?  I'd help you move the honey pots to count them, but you'd get sooo excited when you saw them!   You worked so hard to get your little hands on that book!!!  Jimma, you always filled Mommy's heart with such laughter....thank you, honey, for your smile...and for mine.

Why did my mind travel back to bath time?  Jimma was always complimented on her soft, sweet-smelling skin...and I was always sooo thankful for that!!!

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